Restricted Access Membership

What is it?

RAM is a program that was established in 2005 that allows us to recruit, train and retain future firefighters for the Hopkinton Ft. Jackson Fire Department. in a safe environment.

Who is eligible?

Any male or female that is between the ages of sixteen and seventeen years of age that resides in the Hopkinton Fire District or bordering towns as to be useful to our fire dept. At age 18, the chief or Ram Review Board (RRB) will review the performance of the RAM and recommend  a change of status to regular active status to be voted on by the full membership

Academic Requirements:

All RAM’s must maintain a “75%” overall average for all class work. The Chief and/or the RBB must review grades quarterly by reviewing the report cards of each RAM. If overall average drops below “75%” than the RAM is required to stop attending until such time their academic work reaches an overall average of “75%”. Further, if a class is failed than the RAM is required to stop attending until such time their academic work reaches an overall average of “75%”. All grades must be confirmed by parents or school.

How do I apply?

The process will follow the same procedure as regular active applicants. Upon completion of an application that is signed by a parent or guardian, the RAM and their parent/guardian will be introduced to the Hopkinton Ft. Jackson Fire Dept. general membership at a meeting. Their presence is required for the introduction, but not for meeting at which time their membership application is voted on.

Two step interview: To be completed by the Ram Review Board.

Step 1: Each prospective member has to be interviewed with a parent/guardian present. During this interview all department guidelines will be reviewed along with the additional RAM Firefighter Guidelines. The most recent report card will be reviewed at this meeting, but if not available then a statement from a guidance counselor stating that the candidate is in good academic standing will be accepted.

Step 2: Each candidate’s parent /guardian will be interviewed with the candidate present. This will facilitate an open dialogue to review any concerns the parent/guardian may have.

Upon completion of the interview the RRB will either recommend or not recommend the candidate for acceptance into the Hopkinton Ft. Jackson Fire Dept. as a “RAM” member.
This will occur at the meeting following the interview.

RAMS and their parent/guardian must sign off on all RAM Firefighter Guidelines.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

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